Choose From 336 Different Voices In Over 50 Different Languages

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Here’s Just A Small Taste Of What You’ll Be Able To Do With Voicealizer

Hundreds of Voices

Choose from 336 different voices in over 50 languages. We have every style of voice you need to help your projects to be successful.

Breathing, Pauses and Tone Change

Add in breathing and pauses to make your voiceover sound even more realistic. You can also edit the speed, pitch and tone of each voice so it fits your project perfectly.

Save $1000’s on Expensive Voiceovers

The average cost for a voiceover is $30 per 100 words. With Voicealizer, you pay a small one-time fee for unlimited on going access.

Unlimited usage

We don’t limit the number of characters you can use each month.

Background Music

Studies show speeches with background music give the audience a better impression of the speaker, meaning your users will trust you more. This will help you increase engagement and help get more raving fans. All music is copyright and royalty free and can be uploaded to video sites like Youtube and Vimeo.

Translate Your
Text Into a Different

The software also can translate your text in to a different language with one click of your mouse. For example convert your text from English to Spanish. The system can then produce your voiceover in the newly translated language. This is great for expanding in to new countries.

Video Subtitles

Add video subtitles to your project. The subtitles file runs in time with your voiceover. They work with all video providers including Youtube, Vimeo, JW Player, Wistia, Wordpress & more. There’s also training showing you how to use them on your video player with ease.

Add Voice To Your Articles

Simply copy the article in to Voicealizer to get the audio player code so your users can listen instead of read. This will drive up engagement on your site.

Full commercial & broadcast rights included.

So EASY a 5 Year Old Can Use It!

Voicealizer was designed over the course of 12 months to be incredibly intuitive & easy to use. Watch below the simple 3-step system for creating a new voiceover.

Use Voicealizer To Create Projects For Your


Use Voicealizer to give your Podcast a more professional sound.

Add speech to your website articles

Increase engagement on your articles by adding speech just like the large news sites such as Forbes do. We’ve even included a stylish video player.

Recording sales

Make your sales pitch stand out from the crowd. A good sounding voiceover will help you increase conversions and knock it out of the park.

Training Videos

Help your students immerse themselves in your content. A professional sounding voiceover will keep them more engaged and help them learn better.

Youtube Channel

Hundreds of Youtubers have turned to Voicealizer to be the voice of their Youtube videos. Drive up your video watch time and gain more raving subscribers.

Expand in to new markets

Voicealizers lets you translate text in to a new language. Then you can select the new language and it will read your script. For example convert an article from English to Spanish. Then have your article read using a Spanish Voiceover.

And so much more

Voicealizer Integrates With The Following

Simple, Yet SUPER Powerful!

Voicealizer is the game changer your business has been waiting for. But don’t take our word for it… Here’s what our customers say

Troy Rostron Podcaster

I’ve switched from using expensive Fiverr voiceover artists to using Voicealizer for my podcast. My listen time has gone through the roof whilst saving $100’s a month.

Russell FreebornClickbank Platinum Vendor

Voicealizer rocks. We used it for our latest video sales letter. It’s now number 4 in our category on Clickbank and climbing higher.

David Crick Youtuber (Over 1 million subs)

Using Voicealizer on my Youtube channel has been amazing. Not only does it sound like a human has made the voiceover, but I also using the subtitles feature and background music to increase engagement.

How Much Does Voicealizer Cost?

As a special launch discount, Voicealizer is available for a one-time fee. Yes you
heard that right. If you sign up during this limited launch period, you can get access to
Voicealizer for just a single payment. That includes unlimited usage.

This is a strictly limited offer. Once it expires, Voicealizer will revert to a monthly
payment subscription.

Get Voicealizer for a one off fee

Zero Monthly / Annual Fees Forever!

Today: $59

30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I’ll back up your purchase today with my unconditional 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. Take it for a test drive. Use all of the tools.

If you aren’t happy with what you see or what you have access to… then simply contact the support email provided and I'll refund your order. This way you can claim the software with complete peace of mind and zero-risk on your shoulders.

And if you’re still on the fence, here’s what I recommend… Claim your copy now… and decide if it’s for you later. Get set up now with Voicealizer.

Your customers think your voiceovers are done by a professional human spokesperson. Users will be more engaged with your content and will spend more time on your site. They will trust you more and will be willing to buy more of your products and services.

It will save money on your voiceovers, which can run into $1,000’s just like it did for me. Now my monthly voiceover bill is $0, because they are all done with Voicealizer.

Limited Edition Bonuses

But that’s not all. Since we are invested in your success we also have these special limited bonuses when you sign up today.

Bonus 1

Sign up today and get full access to Voicealizer for a one off fee. This includes all future updates.

Bonus 2

New users are usually allowed 500,000 characters a month in their account. As a special bonus when you sign up today, we will increase that to an unlimited amount.

You’ll receive full training, updates and support completely free of charge.

This is a total game changer. Voicealizer makes your voiceovers sound amazing anywhere they appear.

But I must warn you; this is a limited time launch offer. Get access to the most powerful text to speech software today for a one-time fee. Once the launch period is over, Voicealizer will revert to a monthly subscription for new customers.

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Pricing Plans


$59 $199
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  • 50 Languages
  • 335 voices (male & female)
  • Unlimited usage
  • Background Music
  • Translate text
  • Create video subtitles
  • Add voice to your articles
  • 30 Day Money Back
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